There is an ever-growing community of people interested in the intersection of the digital and the humanities, and what it means to teach and learn it.  Below, we share just a couple of the most interesting, most active, and most worth checking out.  If you know others, let us know on Twitter at #babblelab.



Few single organizations do as much to pull together different players in the computer science education world in New York City.  It's a fantastic network to plug into in order to learn about creative approaches to integrating computer and information sciences into public schools and content-areas. 

NYC Digital Humanities 

If you're in NYC and interested in DH, check out the Commons run by NYCDH.  A collaboration across multiple institutions, NYCDH provides an online community with whom to interact and from whom to learn.  


This collaborative community consists of major universities who believe that "new, global forms of communication and online learning are so complex and potentially so revolutionary that they demand a new alliance of humanists, artists, social scientists, natural scientists, and engineers, working collaboratively."  Well worth checking out.