New York City served as a thriving Spanish-language publishing center in the nineteenth-century, and many of the leading institutions of the Spanish-language press held offices in the neighborhood surrounding Park Row during its heyday as the center of the popular, English-language newspapers of the city. Yet, much of the history of New York’s Spanish-language press during that period remains understudied. With most of the sources for uncovering this history scattered (often spottily) across archives, few resources exist for engaging students with the early history of Latina/o writing in New York City. This student-faculty collaborative research project is developing an online map, which can be accessed and added to by the public, of the nineteenth-century origins of Latina/o New York, including the long-forgotten connections of the Spanish-language press of that period to Park Row.


Shakespeare + Robots = BardBots

A sentiment analysis of each paragraph in each chapter of E.M. Forster's A Room with a View. The colors are decorative. 

With computer science rapidly gaining attention in both K-12 and postsecondary settings, we wanted to explore approaches to introducing students to computer science that put humanistic inquiry first.  BardBots is the result. 

In honor of the Bard's 453rd birthday, Babble Lab made the BardBots project openly available, including

  • 20+ page curriculum guide
  • 6 videos chronicling the project

We invite you to check out our BardBots page and share it with a K-12 or university instructor in your life.